Saturday, June 20, 2009

silence isn't golden anymore


hu eye. hello.
hi. hel low.


ME: why can't we just openly talk about sex? i tried to when i was 6 and got in trouble.
J : because it could lead to problems.
ME: is sex a problem?
J: yes it could be.
ME: why make-up the stork story? "yes children, the stork carries the baby to the doorstep and that's how babies get here!"
can't we just be honest? can't we tell the little kids what happens?
J: there were some kids i used to babysit when i was 14. they were from a good lds family. well there parents weren't hidding anything from them.
ME: you mean they told them all about sex?
J: yes. they knew all about it. and they'd come to me and say, "we know how babies are made!!! hee hee hee." they'd laugh about it.
ME: maybe it won't be such a silly thing if we just talked about it normally. we wouldn't really care about it.

ME: do you think children will want to have sex if they hear about it?
J: yes, they might. you know this reminds me of my friend jan hokinson who wrote a book about when she was a little girl there was a boy who knew about sex and tried to play doctor with her so he could take off her clothes.
ME: what happened?
J: well i guess she got naked and had a bad feeling about it. he was sick in the head!!

i got ^^^^^high^^^^^^^^^ writting this letter to you

fill _______________ me in on your thoughts..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the way drew drew

i got to record a little song with drew danburry. what-what! i feel like the luckiest duckling in the botany pond. guess which cover song? guess.

take a listen please. merci.