Thursday, May 31, 2007

another tragedy

my hairdryer and flat iron offically lost their lives. funeral anyone? we could listen to 'the blow' and 'hot hot heat'.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

irony with a coke, please.

today at the san diego zoo this little thought crossed my mind...the majority of what is sold in their little concession stands and outdoor cafes is meat! almost every menu item is carnivor friendly. what the dickens! is this not ironic or immoral? the zoo! a place to appreciate animals? no? am i mistaken?

Friday, May 25, 2007

building a mystery

i've got one question...what is it that everybody has and some pirates and theives try to take?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

gone daddy gone

carl withers my beloved son (betta fish) passed away today. 3 days before my birthday! not the birthday surprise i was desiring. betta' recognize! get it? betta' like betta fish?

elleroy and i had a funeral. for pre-funeral services we listened to songs like, "last goodbye" by(e) jeff buckley, "bye" by(e) elliott smith, and "this is the last time" by(e) keane. and the grand finale theme song of our little grieving session was "the funeral" by(e) band of horses. we also wrote poems and read them aloud to our dear sweet boy.

the highlight was probably the part when we clogged our drain. not with the fish! oh boy! don't worry! it was just with toilet paper! yes. you heard right.

we needed a spot in the house to strain the remaining contents of the fish bowl. there were purple gems in carl's abode that we didn't want flying down the drain. neither ellie or myself were willing to sacrifice our towels or strainer for the experiment. the both of us came up with the beyond genius idea of putting the t.p. ( secret code for toilet paper ) over the drain. but it actually flaked to itty bitty pieces. and thus the outcome- a congested sink.

yeah, so what? we're hardcore like that!

we had no draino and therefore our only thrifty/uncostly/cheap skate way was to go door-to-door asking. and we officially succeeded! thanks to the very generous lads- aaron van wagoner and friend andrew.

oh and we're definitely getting a new fish. soon. watch out for carl(s) jr.! get it? not the restraunt.

p.s. how many ( ) (parenthesis) did i use? guess the number and win a free box of broken crayons! this is me being serious!

p.p.s. aurora thinks he has a generous looking face. and it turns out i falsely rewarded him for draino because in actuality it's andrew's draino. ohhhh shucks. give those cookies back you little fooler!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

this may be a bit fishy

"i'd take my puppy everywhere, la la la la i wouldn't care. then we'll stay away from crowds with signs that say no dogs allowed. oh we...i know he'd never bite me!" lyrics by harry nilsson, 'the puppy song'

i was thinking about this tender tune today. if you haven't heard the recent pet update in my life elleroy and i decided to adopt a beta fish. he is purple (like our bedroom walls! not intentional. no way.) and he goes by the name of carl withers.

so what if i took my dear pet with me everywhere i went? would it be socially acceptable to do this? if people can show off their puppies in public why can't i bring my fish to the movie theater? the pool? to the dentist? to church? (okay maybe no).

i think i will!