Monday, November 26, 2007


dear dear friends of the blogging world,

wow, i haven't written in years? decades? a century? okay that was a lie. but seriously. where have i been?

oh yes, now i remember...another grand adventure on the good 'ol uta bus today.

the following things were witnessed:

1) a thirteen year old grandmother/barbie. i'm not sure how to explain this really, just imagine a 70 year old woman with long plastic looking hair and makeup like barbie, wearing flared jeans and some skater shoes.

2) a tired lad? first, bam! he smacks into a pole while exiting out the doors. then best of all, his backpack strap gets caught on the side railing just beside the door. the bus driver starts the engines and moves about 2 feet. finally mr. space cadet with the backpack becomes alert and yells, "OHHH! OHHH! WAIT! WAIT! HEY!"

man, today wasn't half as bad as i expected.