Tuesday, January 29, 2008

terrible horrible no good very bad day

the following things were accomplished today:

a) smashing/trapping 2 coworkers inside the chart closet. (..sleep deprivation)

b) telling a health insurance lady over the phone that my father's name was dr. hillery hathaway (..sleep deprivation)

c) rejected by the institute parkinging machine. i call for them to open the gate:

sir: "why isn't it letting you in?"
me: " i just opened the gate five seconds ago, and i have my key card."
sir: "oh hum. well have have it opened for you."

2 minutes later and there are 4 cars behind me, nearly blocking traffic on the main campus drive...

i call again:

me: "hi not trying to be a nuissance...but i have like four cars behind me. could you please open the gate?"
sir: "ohhh? is that right......" and hangs up on me!

5 minutes later....making folks real real real angry.

i call again:

me: "i'm sorry but i really need this gate to open. there are 4 cars behind me..."
sir #2...who turns out to be my institute teacher, " ohhhh, i'm sorry. i'll open it! that other guy hung up on you..."

i need to get me some sleepy sleep.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

calling all crazies

yesterday at work a large-eyed, 60 year old woman came in and asked for a job. because of a former secretary's passing away we are looking for someone. when asked if she had any previous experience working in the medical field she replied, "I WORKED WITH EXPLOSIVES FOR 19 YEARS!" Just what we need. A bomber.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

january 1st 2008

just hanging out at my parent's house and oddly enough i can hear a mysterious trumpet player and an obnoxious duck quacking on the front lawn. i can hear it! what in tarnation is going on?

oh happy new year.