Friday, February 15, 2008


question: how did darth vader know what luke was getting for christmas?

answer: he felt his presents (presence)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bad-a these days

all i did was put my hands on the train tracks! and that train ran 'em over! it kinda sorta hurts. but i'm tough. let's just say i'm in 'train'ing.

okay. totally psyched you! it's tye-dye!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 things on my to do list today:

1) sushi
2) matt shurtleff's art exhibit
3) math homeworks
4) get to bed early (midnight or earlier)
5) read an uplifting talk/scriptures

5 snacks i enjoy:

1) goldfish crackers
2) berries-blackberries/cherries/raspberries
3) lime tortilla chips and salsa
4) pitas and hummus
5) chocolate chip cookies

what i'd do with a billion dollars:

1) i wouldn't accept a billion dollars. i'm happy with what i have. sincerely.

3 bad habbits:

1) staying up late
2) i get easily attached to people
3) i'm usually pretty unmotivated

5 places i have lived:

1) the pre-mortal existance
2) marshfield, wi
3) greenville, nc
4) provolone, ut
5) england in the future? fingers crossed.

5 jobs i've had:

1) tending babies and kiddies
2) pita pit
3) india garden
4) celebrations (wedding planner assistant-catering, serving, floral arranging, decorating)
5) dr. daddy hathaway's office

5 things most people don't know:

1) i can ride a unicycle
2) i can touch my nose with my tounge
3) i can impersonate britney spears (singing) and mandy moore (talking)
4) i love the smell of skunks. not joshing you at all.
5) i can't gain weight. boo.

bye bye.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

today i got to play one of my favourite games, scattergories. it is especially delightful when playing with mother. here's why.


#1) footwear- starts with the letter 'g':

mum: "GIANT"
hillery: "is that a brand?"

#2) magazines- 'g':

mum: "GUYS"
hillery: "i'm suprised you didn't write,'girl, american' (my mom is famous for using a comma (,) so she can get points- yes, technically cheating- the letter would have to be 'a'- american girl magazine)."
mum: "well i was going to put,'GIRLS'.

#3) items in a suitcase- 'g':

mum: "G0-GURT"
hillery: "can you refrigerate yogurt in a suitcase?"

#4) beers/wine- letter 'j':

mum: "JOOT BEER."
hillery: "uhhhh...what is joot beer?"
mum: "well it rhymes with root. i thought it was pretty clever of me."